Omni Processor - S200

The first commercial Omni Processor (OP), Model S200, will be a stationary combined heat and power plant that converts fecal sludge and other combustible waste streams into electricity, potable water, and ash. The heat from combustion within a fluidized sand bed is utilized to generate high pressure steam that is expanded in a reciprocating piston steam engine connected to a generator, producing electricity. The exhaust from this engine (process heat) is used to dry the incoming fecal sludge. The water that is evaporated out of the sludge is then treated to meet clean drinking water standards. The combustion gases are treated as necessary to meet local emission standards.


The OP will be connected to the internet and remotely monitored and operated by a central command center. This will provide technical expertise to each unit without requiring technical expertise physically at each unit. Additionally, this will provide access to software upgrades for the customer continually increasing the performance of their unit.

Model S200 Factsheet

Plant Capacity
Volume of sludge processed per day 92.3 m3 (24,383 gallons)
Number of 10m3 truck loads per day 9 truck loads
Maximum moisture content of sludge 100%
Minimum dry solids required per day* 9 – 11 metric tons (10 – 12 tons)

Output Products
Electricity (depending on water produced) 150 – 250 kW (200 – 335 hp)
Water (depending on power produced) 50,000 – 86,000 liters (13,000 – 22,700 gallons)
Ash (average - per day) 1 m3 (35 ft3)

Population Served
Fecal sludge processing 100k-200k people
Electricity (10W/household) 25k households
Drinking water 35k people
Personnel required for daily operation 1-2 people/shift
Regular maintenance tasks TBD
Municipal input requirements None

Core unit 11.5 m x 20 m (37.5’ x 65’)
Overall plant 11.5 m x 29 m (37.5’ x 95.5’)

Water (testing in process) Designed to meet U.S. FDA standards; WHO certified
Emissions Meets all applicable EPA requirements
Pathogen Output 100% destroyed
*Not limited to fecal matter; can be any dry, combustible feedstock fed in as an auxiliary fuel source.

Model S200 vs. S100

Property S100 S200
Max. Sludge Processed 12.3 cubic meters 92.3 cubic meters
Max. Potable Water 10,800 liters/day 86,000 liters/day
Footprint 187 sq. meters 230 sq. meters
Fuel Sludge Sludge, Biomass
Max. Fuel Moisture 84% 100%
Min. Dry Solids Required per Day* 4.5 – 5.5 metric tons (5 – 6 tons) 9 – 11 metric tons (10 – 12 tons)
*Not limited to fecal matter; can be any dry, combustible feedstock fed in as an auxiliary fuel source.