Dakar Pilot

Dakar, Senegal

The Janicki Bioenergy Omni Processor started as a proof-of-concept project, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2013. It was originally designed to take in sewer sludge and primarily output electrical power. During the development, it became clear that making clean drinking water made the processor more economically viable, and a water treatment system was added.

Model S100 can produce up to 10,800 liters of clean drinking water per day, satisfying all United States FDA and WHO clean water requirements. Emissions also meet or exceed all applicable United States EPA requirements.

Dakar, Senegal

Model S100 is scheduled to ship to Dakar, Senegal in mid-February 2015. This location is perfect for continuing development and measuring real-world performance.

We are very dedicated to making sure that the Omni Processor works reliably in all locations, and Dakar provides us with an opportunity to establish our support channels, supply chain, and logistics in Africa.

Top Questions

  • How much water can be produced?
    10,800 liters per day

  • How much sewer sludge can be processed?
    12.3 cubic meters per day

  • How much power can be produced?
    150 kW. When producing maximum power, less water will be produced.

  • What is the machine footprint?
    8m X 23m

  • What type of fuel does it use?
    Sewer sludge

  • What is the maximum moisture content of the fuel?

  • What standards does the drinking water meet?
    The drinking water meets both United States FDA and World Health Organization standards.

Can you really drink water made from sewer sludge?

Yes! It's no different than bottled water.

Because we heat the sludge until it boils, water exits the dryer as steam. At this temperature, pathogens cannot survive. While the water is in the vapor phase, it is filtered to remove particles. We then take this bio-safe steam and condense it to water before putting it through water treatment.

The machine's water treatment adjusts the pH, and uses multiple filters to ensure safe, clear, great tasting water. The water is indistinguishable from bottled water.